About us

How We Began

Established in 2004, Zamaris Simmons is one of the finest home boutiques you may ever have the chance to step foot in. Our goal is to captivate clients with intriguing custome designs and unique sayings from independent creators. Maintaining an edge on new trends and classic styles is what our customers have come to expect. Creative designs and unique style is what our reputation is built upon.


Our mission is to be the home innovators, champions of class, style, and sass. Anything that has to do with outstanding home design, we want to make sure our fingers are on the pulse. At Centerpiece Galore, we make it a point to search out different designers and styles from around the region and the world. Home decor should be celebrated and we do our part to encourage people to take part of incorporating it into thier life..

The Quality

Specializing in classic looks and high-fashion styles, . Your homes appearance, for many, is incredibly important – that is where our boutique and selection comes in. The items we carry are high quality, eye catching, and truly distinct.

Welcome to Visit

 Our professional staff is here to provide assistance and answer your questions. Buying a new piece for your home is personal, and we want to make sure that it not only looks good, but you are elated with it. We want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Day to Day

Every day is a new adventure. At Centerpiece Galore, we believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying the fruits of quality designers.

Our Vision

Centerpiece Galore is dedicated to providing the finest styles and fashions, making the world better one piece of customized furniture at a time.

Latest Trends

At Centerpiece Galore, we don't necessarily follow the latest trends. We believe great style is something that can redefine trends.

"A lot of time, a lot of investment, and a lot of love". The CEO, Zamaris Mitchell, is dedicated to providing quality items to EVERY customer. She has put her heart and soul into making sure her customers are more than satisfied with thier purchase. 

From craft shows to online selling, Zamaris Mitchell has always pushed to get her products out there. 

"It takes more than effort, it takes patience", quotes the young CEO. She expressed how much fun she has had in the process of getting her business off the ground. "Selling home decor is just exciting! Every piece I sell feels like i am incorporating a part of my dream into someones home!"